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You won’t find a more content collection of chilled-out chooks than those at Local Yolkels. Free to roam in open pasture, soak up the sunshine, or take a little nap under a shady tree - our pampered poultry pretty much have it all. And as you probably know, happy, stress-free hens make delicious eggs with firm, plump whites and vitamin-rich, golden yolks.

It's a wonderful life

Our birds live in comfy new sheds, complete with nests, perches, large scratch areas and a regular supply of high-quality food and fresh water. In fact, this fine accommodation is so generous and well-appointed, it would probably be snapped up by first home buyers anywhere in central Auckland.

After all that free-range frivolity, lights go out every night for eight hours so our chooks can enjoy some blissful slumber ahead of the following day’s adventures. 

The pop-outs are open every day (unless it’s really wet and cold) so the girls can wander about the farm as they wish, or chat to their neighbours.

Our farms have a continuous tree planting program to supply shade and protection from wind and rain, and our pastures are rotated to provide green grass and good foraging all year round.

Our flocks are a bit like family. We enjoy seeing our birds free to display their natural behaviour, such as scratching, nesting, perching and roaming. Our hens enjoy a wonderful life and they repay us with great-tasting eggs. Some call that working in harmony with nature. To us it’s also just good, common sense.

Buying from local folks

Our chickens grown up on our farms in Mangaroa, Hawke’s Bay (Green Acres) and Waihi in the Bay of Plenty. We reckon two of the nicest places to be a chicken in the whole of this fair country of ours.

Our Green Acres farm currently has a fabulous flock of just over 15,000 birds. This is expected to grow to 19,000 by Christmas 2016 to meet increasing demand from discerning shoppers, on the lookout for ethically-produced, locally grown food for their families. Our smaller Waihi farm has 12,000 birds.

When you buy locally-produced food, your money stays in your community. If you buy Local Yolkel eggs, your money helps support the 

people who live in your region. It pays our workers, our grain growers other local suppliers. It helps keep our community strong. But it’s not all just about us.

Every time you buy any food, whether it’s eggs, meat or milk, you are casting a vote. It can be a vote for ethically-produced food. It can be a vote for locally-produced food. For example, if enough shoppers stopped buying battery-farmed eggs, supermarkets would eventually stop stocking them.

So next time you go shopping, whatever you buy, make sure you make your vote count.

Free range forever

Local Yolkels are true free range eggs. 

Both farms are audited every year by Ministry of Primary Industries inspectors, which ensures that our products are safe, suitable and truthfully labelled. In addition, we also invite an annual voluntary audit from Assure Quality Ltd to ensure our farms not only meet, but exceed the requirements of Animal Code of Welfare (2012).

Where to buy Local Yolkels

You can buy Local Yolkel eggs in Foodstuffs supermarkets (Pak n Save, New World and Four Squares), in Hawke’s Bay and Bay of Plenty. We offer 6 and 12 egg cartons and 20 egg trays.

Like us, Foodstuffs supermarkets are all locally owned, and often stock a selection of locally-produced foods. If you can’t find our eggs there, ask the manager to consider stocking them, to help us - and our community - grow even stronger.

We also supply a selection of local cafes and restaurants.

How to make a delicious omelette

How to make a delicious omelette

2 Local Yolkels eggs
1 Tsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Salt & Pepper

Crack your fresh local yolkels into a bowl, whisk them up until they are completely combined, no white, all yellow!

Place 1 Tsp extra virgin coconut oil into a non-stick pan and melt over medium heat. The coconut oil stops the omelette from sticking, and coconut oil brings out the amazing flavour of the eggs.

Pour eggs into the pan and season with salt and pepper. 

Using a spatula, stir eggs while moving the pan in a circular motion. Scrape down the sides of the pan so that overcooked bits don't burn.

When the eggs start to get solid, about 2 minutes, shake the pan to settle any uncooked egg. The omelette should be almost cooked underneath but still runny on top. 

This is the time to add your fillings - cheese, chives, vegetables, whatever you fancy (or have in the fridge)

Flip the omelette over to cover the fillings and give it a minute to melt the cheese.

Slide off a plate and dig in!

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